Samsung May Let You Disable Bixby Key On Galaxy Note 9

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The Bixby key is present on all Samsung flagship smartphones since the Galaxy S8 came out in 2017. The button summons Samsung’s digital assistant and can’t be remapped to do anything else if you don’t use Bixby. While it was previously possible to completely disable Bixby on the device so that a button press wouldn’t achieve anything, that hasn’t been possible on the Galaxy Note 9. However, it seems like Samsung might bring the option to completely disable the Bixby key on Galaxy Note 9 later this month.

As you can probably imagine, many Galaxy Note 9 owners have taken to social media networks to complain about the fact that they can’t permanently disable the Bixby key on the handset. They have to live with it and the accidental presses that bring up Bixby when they least want it.

Samsung Germany’s official Twitter handle has responded to one such complaint and mentioned that the “deactivation of the Bixby button on lock screen should return until end of September.” This suggests that Samsung is going to send out this ability as part of a software update later this month.

The option should never have been taken away in the first place on the Galaxy Note 9 considering the fact that it’s still available on earlier flagships. One can only hope that Samsung rectifies this sooner rather than later.

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