Users Could Soon Get Option To Disable Note 9’s Bixby Button

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Samsung’s launch of their own digital assistant Bixby is without doubt the company’s way of trying to get in on the digital assistant action that we’ve seen from other tech companies. They even included a physical hardware button on their phones in which users can press to quickly launch Bixby.

Unfortunately it was not exactly met with the reaction that they had hoped for, with many users trying to figure out a way to either disable it or remap it, which Samsung has prevented. However the good news is that could change soon, at least according to a tweet by Samsung Germany (via SamMobile).

The tweet is made in response to a user who complained about the Bixby button on Twitter, in which they implored Samsung to either let users remap it or at least disable it. According to the rep who tweeted from the company’s Germany account, it has been suggested that users might soon get the option to disable the feature in an update released towards the end of the month.

That being said, the requests by users isn’t so much to do with Bixby’s functionality, but rather the placement of the button in which many have accidentally launched it in the past which can be annoying and inconvenient. We’re sure some are hoping for the ability to remap, but we suppose disabling could be a worthwhile alternative.

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