Third-Party MFi USB-C To Lightning Cables Will Be Coming In 2019

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While many companies are starting to adopt the new USB-C standard for their smartphones, Apple as usual has as usual stuck to their guns of proprietary charging cables in the form of Lightning that was introduced several years ago. Interestingly enough Apple has actually embraced USB-C wholeheartedly, by giving all its MacBook laptops USB-C only ports.

This means that users who want to plug their iOS devices to their laptops will need to use an adapter or buy an official USB-C to Lightning cable. For those who are looking at the latter, you’ll be pleased that come 2019 you will be given more options because in a report from Macotakara, Apple will be launching an MFi program for third-party USB-C to Lightning cables mid-2019.

If you were hoping that third-party cables means that they will be cheaper than what Apple charges for the official cable, that might not necessarily be the case. The report claims that Apple will require manufacturers to use a different Lightning connector which is said to cost $0.50 more. The difference in price is also expected to be passed down to consumers, but exactly by how much will depend on the company.

Note that there are plenty of USB-C to Lightning cables in the market today, but these have not been MFi-certified which means that they are not made using Apple’s specifications so buy those at your own risk.

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