A running list of hacks, leaks, and vulnerabilities that have recently given up your personal information

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The Internet is a wonderful place full of useful and entertaining information. It is also, however, filled with scoundrels who are determined to steal the copious amounts of personal information we leave laying all over the digital landscape, from apps we downloaded on a whim to old accounts we haven’t checked in years.

Some hacks are obvious. Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal exposed at least some information about tens of millions of people. But others fly under the radar.

It’s almost impossible to stay up to date on every hack, breach, and leak that happens on a regular basis, but this running list will help you start keeping tabs on who might have your data, what passwords you may want to change, and why you should probably step up your efforts to prioritize security on the web.

Adware Doctor

Discovered: September 2018

This app designed to “clean up” malware and adwear from your Mac topped the paid app chart in the MacOS App Store. However, according to a report by TechCrunch”it’ll steal and download your browser history — including all the sites you’ve searched for or accessed — to servers in China run by the app’s makers.”


Discovered: August 2018

T-Mobile says it suffered “unauthorized entry into its network [that] may have given hackers access to customer records, including billing ZIP codes, phone numbers, email addresses and account numbers.” The hack reportedly did not include financial records.

Army.com (and other fake military sites)

Discovered: September 2018

Earlier this month, the FTC shut down a variety of spoof military recruitment sites, including Army.com, Armyenlist.com and others designed to look like official armed forces pages. The pages collected personal information via forms and then sold that data to other marketers.


Discovered: September 2018

If you’re an early Reddit user—from the 2005 to 2007 era—someone accessed your credentials and email address thanks to a vulnerability in the SMS-based authentication software. If you’re using an old password, change it, and enable two-factor authentication.

British Airways

Discovered: September 2018

If you booked a flight between August 21 and September 5, there’s a chance your personal information was stolen. “The stolen data included personal and financial details of customers making bookings and changes on ba.com and the airline’s app. The data did not include travel or passport details.”


Discovered: August 2018

A popular Mac mail app demonstrated a vulnerability related to custom URLs that could expose personal information about user accounts and messages. The company addressed the issue with a blog post and issues a fix for the problem, which is included in the latest version found in the App Store. If you're running the software and haven't updated it, then you should right away.

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