iOS 12.1 Will Address iPhone Xs, Xs Max Charging Issues

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One of the problems that was spotted by early iPhone Xs and Xs Max adopters was that the phones had some charging issues. These users discovered that when their phones were idle, it had stopped charging for whatever reason. It is unclear as to what the problem might have been, but it doesn’t seem to have affected too many users.


Regardless, issues are issues and the good news for those who have been affected and for those hesitant to get the new iPhones is that Apple appears to have a fix for the problem. A report

has revealed that Apple is aware of the problem and that a fix for it is in the iOS 12.1 beta.

As the beta suggests, it isn’t available to everyone yet (although users can test the public beta if they’re so inclined). However the good news is that the fix is part of the update so users can keep an eye out for its release. Given the version number, iOS 12.1 will be a pretty big update following the release of iOS 12.

In addition to fixing the charging bug, iOS 12.1 is also expected to enable dual SIM functionality for the iPhones, although this will depend on your country and also whether or not your carrier supports it.

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