Instagram Launches Nametags To Easily Follow People You Actually Meet

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Following someone new on Instagram doesn’t require more than a tap. You come across someone’s profile and if you want to follow them, you just tap on that blue button. It’s a bit difficult following someone you meet in real life. You first have to search for them and if you don’t catch their username properly, it can be quite difficult. This is what Instagram is making easier with the launch of its Nametags feature.


Nametag is a customizable identification card which will let people to find your Instagram profile instantly when it’s scanned. Users’ nametags will be uniquely theirs. It makes it very easy to add people and accounts that they come across in real life.

To make a nametag, open your profile and tap on the button with three lines at the top right ocrner. Tap on “Nametag” to create one. You can personalize it with different designs, emojis, selfies, colors, and stickers. To scan a user’s nametag, just swipe right into the camera, hover over the nametag, and then hold down on the screen.

It’s also possible to do this by tapping on “Scan a nametag” when you’re viewing your own. Nametags can also be shared over text messages, Facebook, and WhatsApp by pressing on the arrow at the top of the nametag.

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