Verizon Expected To Continue Being The Pixel 3’s Exclusive Carrier

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Ever since the Pixel phones were introduced and made available to purchase via carriers, in the US Verizon has remained as the exclusive carrier for Google’s Pixel lineup. We’re sure many are hoping that this exclusivity will break, but unfortunately that does not appear to be the case for the upcoming Google Pixel 3.


This is according to a press release by T-Mobile in which they seem to confirm that Verizon will be the exclusive carrier for the phone, but at the same time they are promoting their network to say that maybe customers might be better off buying the Pixel 3 direct and using it on their networks instead.

According to T-Mobile, “In advance of the anticipated Pixel 3 launch tomorrow, T-Mobile today shared new third-party data proving that the most recent Pixels are faster on T-Mobile than any other network. Verizon may be the exclusive carrier to sell the Pixel, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with their slower network, higher prices and lousy customer service. Bring your unlocked Pixel to T-Mobile and truly unleash that bad boy – and get all kinds of goodness you can’t get with the carriers.”

The carrier’s CEO John Legere adds, “Verizon wants you to buy this speedster of a smartphone and put it on America’s most congested network. A Ferrari isn’t meant for gridlock!” This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that the Pixel 3 could continue being exclusive to Verizon, but hearing T-Mobile say it sounds like it’s pretty official and set in stone. The Pixel 3 is expected to be officially announced on the 9th of October, so check back with us tomorrow for more updates.

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