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Power Rangers: 10 Favorite Moments From 'Go Go' #18 With Ryan Parrott

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BOOM! Studios Go Go Power Rangers #18 continues the saga of the Dragon Coin and also reveals new details and the mysterious origin of Alpha-1, along with all the Power Rangers action and drama you love. Writer Ryan Parrott and artist Eleonora Carlini are back once again to humanize the cast and dazzle with gorgeous visuals, and we're going through our top 10 favorite moments from the issue with Ryan Parrott on commentary!

Spoilers incoming for Go Go Power Rangers #18, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

Go Go Power Rangers #18 takes another step in several narratives, including the one teased last issue involving Rita, her mother, and the Dragon Coin, though as we learn there is significantly more to that saga than we realized. Rita's history involves Zordon, King Lexian, and more, and all of that history is helping to humanize the iconic villain far more than she has been in the past.

We also get movement on the Alpha-1 front, seeing not only how he was created but what happened to him all those years ago and how he managed to return in the present, though not everyone is on-board with the new ally. Throw in some great drama between Trini and the other Rangers and some morphinominal fight scenes and you've got yourself one heck of an issue.

Go Go Power Rangers #18 is written by Ryan Parrott and drawn by Eleonora Carlini with colors by Raul Angulo and letters by Ed Dukeshire. Covers were provided by Marcus To and Raul Angulo, Audrey Mok and Dylan Todd, Miguel Mercado, Gleb Melnikov and Dylan Todd, and Joana LaFuente. You can check out the official description below.

"Alpha One’s backstory is revealed! Meanwhile, Rita and her mother reconnect after all these years… will this be the key to powering the Dragon Coin?"

Alright, without further ado hit the next slide to read all about the big issue with Ryan Parrott on commentary!


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Slide 1 of 10Zordon Simply Looking Like A BossGo-Go-Power-Rangers-18-Zordon-Intro(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

Fans can't get enough of this younger Zordon, and this page is just too slick. Not only do we get to see Zordon's new suit but we also see a graphic overlay of the universe as he watches the war unfold.

"Eleonora REALLY makes me look like I know what I'm doing sometimes! I originally wrote this scene with Zordon and Lexian simply talking in his throne room," Parrott said. "But it lacked scope so I came up with the idea of the star field to help visualize the magnitude of responsibility weighing on Zordon. But Eleonora made it look so much better than I could have ever possibly imagined."

Slide 2 of 10King Lexian!Go-Go-Power-Rangers-18-King-Lexian(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

Go Go made many Masked Rider fans' day when King Lexian showed up as the leader that Zordon works for, though don't expect a tone of influence from that series.

"I know this is probably disappointing to some fans, but... I don't know anything about Masked Rider," Parrott said. "I've never seen it. What was interesting to me about this scene though was seeing Zordon, who is usually this bastion of hope and confidence, feeling broken and alone... and having to rely on someone else to prop him up for a change."

Slide 3 of 10The Blade Blasters Are Finally UsefulGo-Go-Power-Rangers-18-Blade-Blasters(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

The Blade Blasters have often been regarded as...well, useless, but here they finally get their chance to shine. That fantastic sequence from Carlini doesn't hurt either.

"I've always loved those weapons and have been looking for a place to drop in that insane tower formation for a while," Parrott said. "And Eleonora put it on her shoulders and took it to the next level."

Slide 4 of 10Making Rita HumanGo-Go-Power-Rangers-18-Rita-Repulsa-Human(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

One of the biggest takeaways from this arc overall is just how much humanity the book brings to Rita Repulsa. Sure we see her villainous tendencies show up through manipulation, but we also get several glimpses at the daughter who was given to Zordon to protect her from Master Vile's evil influence.

"I'm always trying to make Rita feel like a real threat... but also a real person," Parrott said. "Having her come face to face with her mother, someone who wanted nothing but the best for her daughter, I think it brings out a lot of unexpected feelings. You could maybe make the argument that this is the most difficult thing Rita has ever had to face. At least, emotionally anyway."

Slide 5 of 10Alpha 1's OriginGo-Go-Power-Rangers-18-Alpha-1-Origin-2(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

We also get to see the origin of Alpha-1, and also start to understand first why he was so important to Zordon as well as why Zordon's never brought him up before.

"Earlier, this scene was much more plot-oriented," Parrott said. "But as I wrote the issue, I realized the most important aspect was -- Zordon's feelings. Alpha-1 was his first companion, the first warrior he sent into battle, and he thought... to his death. I think it gives some valuable insight into why Zordon is the way he is... especially toward the Power Rangers."

Slide 6 of 10Trini's Suspicious MindGo-Go-Power-Rangers-18-Trini-Suspects-Alpha-1(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

While most are happy to have another ally, not everyone is sold on Alpha-1, which by everyone we mean Trini.

"People who keep secrets tend to believe others are keeping secrets too. Considering the nature of Trini and Jason's current "relationship," it made sense to me that Trini might be a little suspicious of Alpha-1's sudden arrival."

Slide 7 of 10Trini's FrustrationGo-Go-Power-Rangers-18-Trini-and-Jason(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

Thing is, Trini might not necessarily be frustrated with Alpha-1 or the other Rangers but instead annoyed with one in particular, a certain Red Ranger by the name of Jason.

"Jason's not the greatest at communicating his emotions. He's got a good heart and is a solid leader, but he stumbles a bit picking up on certain signals. The dynamics you have in a team aren't the same ones you have in a relationship... and hopefully, they can learn that."

Slide 8 of 10Tale Of Two AlphasGo-Go-Power-Rangers-18-The-Alphas(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

It was crazy to see Alpha-1 and Alpha 5 next to each other, and not only do they look different, but they have very different methods for achieving Zordon's goal.

"Throughout Power Rangers, the Alphas have always been shown as helpers and assistants," Parrott said. "But I loved the idea that Alpha-1 sees them as warriors. This scene was probably one of the biggest reasons to do this story -- seeing two children size each other up and while also seeing who knows the most about dad."

Slide 9 of 10Someone WorthyGo-Go-Power-Rangers-18-Worthy(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

It seems Zordon holds the key to the Power Coins, but thanks to Rita's manipulation there is one workaround, and it's something we've already seen in action when not executed correctly.

"We saw Loriyan activate the Green Dragon Coin in the flashbacks, but obviously it was glitchy... something wasn't right," Parrott said. "The coins are complicated and require someone "worthy" to reach their full potential. But we'll learn more about that later..."

Slide 10 of 10Mother Vs. DaughterGo-Go-Power-Rangers-18-Mother-vs-Daughter(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

We ultimately see Fienna discover her daughter's evil intent, and things are going to go downhill in their relationship really fast from here.

"Yeah, their dynamic goes from happy to sad pretty quick," Parrott said. "Rita lies to Fienna to get what she needs, but then... she almost takes pleasure in revealing her true nature to her mother. There's a big fight coming . . . "

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