Remains Of Israeli Spy, Executed In Damascus Decades Ago, Are On Way To Israel – Report

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Eli Cohen in the Syrian capital of Damascus in the 60s. Source:

The remains of Israel’s most famous spy, Eli Cohen, who was executed in the Syrian capital of Damascus in 1965, are on their way to Israel, the Jerusalem Post reported on April 15.

According to the Israeli outlet, a Russian delegation that recently left Syria departed with an Israeli coffin containing the remains of Cohen. Israeli officials have not confirmed or denied these claims yet.

Cohen, who operated in Syria under the alias Kamel Amin Thaabet from 1962 to 1965, managed to establish relations with the top Syrian political and military and provided information about the Syrian Arab Air Force and military positions on the Golan Heights.

Using Soviet-made tracking equipment and assisted by Soviet experts, the Syrian intelligence managed to uncover Cohen and arrested him on January 24 of 1965 while he was transmitting coded information to Israel.

After a trial before a military tribunal, he was found guilty of espionage and sentenced to death under “martial law.” On 18 May 1965, Cohen was publicly hanged in the Marjeh Square in Damascus.

Last July, the Israeli Mossad intelligence agency succeeded in retrieving the wristwatch of the famous spy, which was reportedly sold in an auction in an Arab state.

Israel recovered the remains of Zachary Baumel, a U.S.-born Israeli soldier missing since a 1982 tank battle against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), earlier this month. Russian and Syrian forces played a key role in the recovery of the remains, according to President Vladimir Putin.

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